DWP Gives Update About Spring Festivals

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Festival-goers have been franticly waiting for the powers at be, over at DWP Presents to make an announcement in regards to their upcoming Spring festivals. Well, DWP has made the following statement, during a time in which the government has put a stop to mass gathering do to the recent Coronavirus that’s making its way across our nation.

At the current time, the Government has asked that we limit our mass gathering to 100 people or less, due to efforts to stop the spread of the Coronavirus. Currently, many schools across the nation have been put on leave and E-learning, while many businesses are allowing works to work remotely. If DWP’s Spring lineup is indeed canceled or postponed, it would not be the first. In the last few days, we’ve seen festivals like Coachella, get moved to later this year, and SXSW canceled completely. Alongside these festivals, many bands are feeling the wrath of coronavirus, having to postpone tours as well. Most recently today In This Moment, announces their upcoming tour with Black Veil Brides, DED and Raven Black would be postponed, to a later date. So as you can tell the entertainment industry is in a bit of at crazy place, but we will keep you posted as more info about your favorite bands and festivals comes available.

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