Derek Sanders Brings First Solo Tour Through the Southeast

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Derek Sanders, frontman of hit pop-punk band Mayday Parade, brought his solo tour to a select number of cities throughout the Southeast, including Atlanta, GA. We were able to be asked to come see what Derek’s first new musical endeavor in nearly 20 years would look like.

Derek brought along acoustic singer-songwriter Mike Jansen and Stages and Stereos, a pop-punk band led by none other than ex-Mayday Parade singer Jason Lancaster’s brother, Daniel Lancaster. The group of friends serenaded Vinyl’s crowd in a relaxed and familiar landscape.

The attendees ranged from young college students to slightly-more seasoned ex-warped tour attendees that were now holding down full-time jobs at local finance firms, looking to have a relaxing evening listening to songs that helped make them.

Derek played: originals, Beatles covers, two Something Corporate covers, some new singles, a Jimmy Eat World cover, separated by soundbites from the movie Last Action Hero.

Sanders stated that he was “nervous about doing it solo” and that Mayday (Parade)’s been the only project he’s worked on in the last 18 years”, and that he thought it was very cool that so many people came out.

Sanders’ performance was pitch-perfect, and he made eye contact with every photographer’s lens, showcasing his seasoning from a long career in the music scene.

His set was ended with the only Mayday Parade cover played that night, Jamie All Over, and cut off Lancaster during the iconic “I’ll never go back to Georgia” to apologize to the crowd full of Georgia residents, stating “this song is stupid, sorry” and laughing with us all.

It was a special night that hopefully helps launch a fun, relaxing side project for Sanders.

You can listen to his new EP on Spotify below.

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