Crowbar Brings Their “Riff Beast” Tour To Hobart, IN

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This past week, the legendary band Crowbar, who helped originate the sludge metal genre, stopped in Hobart, Indiana during their Riff Beast tour to bring their signature sound of heavy distortion, blaring vocals, and signature guitar riffs. Joining them for this show were local artists Pig Horse Camel and Chokesetter, who are both from “The Region,” otherwise known as Northwest Indiana. This show made sure to have members in the crowd banging their heads to every note strummed, slammed and belted.

The opening bands Pig Horse Camel and Chokesetter got the night started in a way that was perfect for the crowd members to indulge in. Pig Horse Camel brought a very fast shredding style filled with annihilating percussion and shredding guitar solos reminiscent of classic 90’s thrash metal, while Chokesetter brought fun grooves and a very animated vocalist who would strut from one side of the stage to the other and engage with crowd members. Both bands brought their best performance as each act had very solid and tight sets that set the tone perfectly for the headlining band.

Pig Horse Camel Photo Gallery

Chokesetter Photo Gallery

Crowbar, a band that is synonymous with the New Orleans metal scene, and who helped usher in a new genre of metal alongside fellow Louisiana legends Acid Bath, have been busy this summer. They are currently touring to support their new album Zero and Below which was released earlier this year in March. This show was one of many stops in the midwest, but it was the first time Crowbar had ever played in Hobart, Indiana. Kirk Windstein stated he “had no clue this town existed before” but mentioned how he saw very familiar faces due to the town being so close to Chicago and Joliet, Illinois where Crowbar often frequents when on tour. And while it was a new town for the band, it was the same exhilarating performance that fans come to expect when seeing the iconic sludge metal act. 
A setlist filled with new songs from their most recent album that were well-received and appreciated, which Kirk was glad that fans were very receptive towards, and classic songs from years past had circle pits forming on the standing floor area surrounded by theater chairs and dreamy architecture forming a very artistic scene. The signature distorted vocals of Kirk Windstein blasted through the microphone as crowd members would return the same volume back and shout lyrics to their favorite songs. Towards the end of the night, Kirk thanks the crowd members for “thirty-two years of f*cking Crowbar” and proceeded to play their final song “Like Broken Glass” to awaiting fans. 
A very memorable first performance and hopefully not the last for the Hobart, Indiana crowd!

Crowbar: Like Broken Glass LIVE 8/30/22
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