CONCERT NEWS: Underoath Announce Blind Obedience Tour

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Kicking off in Silver Springs MD at The Fillmore Underoath will be hitting the road with none other than Periphery with Loathe for support. Tickets and VIP go on sale TODAY at 12 ET with code BLINDOBEDIENCE. Check out what the band had to say about the VIP experience for this tour

We wanted to do something really different for our VIP people on this tour so check this out:⁣

⁣We’re working on new music (as always). Some songs are done. Some are close. Some have just gotten started… but we wanted to find a way to bring you inside that creative process. At every VIP meet & greet on the Blind Obedience tour, we’re going to be having a listening party of unreleased music we’re currently working on (in various stages of completion) *as well as* never before heard demos of songs you know well. You’ll get a taste of what’s to come as well as see how far songs you already love had to come to get to your ears. We think this is going to be rad for us *and* you because if one of our favorite band was doing it, we’d jump on it (which is always our mindset going into this sort of thing).

Underoath: VIA Official Facebook Page

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