Blue Ridge Rock Festival have Announced Bands 76-100 for the 2023 Festival

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This set of announcements has to be my favorite so far my FAVORITE. SOOOOOO Many great artists! So many artists I wanna see. So lets jump right in, and look at a few I think you guys should check out as well. First, is the 97th Artist announcement Vended. I caught these guys last year early in the day and you can tell they’re still cutting their teeth, however they had a killer stage presence and the crowd LOVED them. I’m interested in seeing how they’ve grown in the last year as musicians. Check out our photo gallery, Interview with Griffen and LIVE videos from last year HERE. Second, is the 80th Artist announcement Job For Cowboy. These guys are death-core powerhouse and made a huge name for themselves in years past and this will be the bands first show in 7 years. As of now there are currently no other shows, or festivals announced for the band, so it will make Blue Ridge Rock Festival extra special. The band is a personal favorite of mine. I’m a huge fan of Amy Lee’s voice and love to hear her sing, in years past I was able to see Evanescence in a very unique concert where they played with an orchestra and it was amazing. So to see Evanescence perform a rock set with a full band will be amazing. Next is Artist 91 Slaughter To Prevail. I caught these dudes last year and the energy of this band, the energy of the crowd were just INSANE. I can honestly saw I’m glad I braved “The Hill” to catch their set. Check out our photo gallery and video of their FULL SET HERE. The last 2 band’s are no strangers to Soundlink. 1 we’ve watched grow from an opening act to selling out headlining tours all the world, and the other is one of our most watched videos on our YouTube Channel with almost 400,000 views. Those 2 artists are Artist 83: Bad Omens and Artist 99 Sleep Token. Both of these guys performed at the 2022 Blue Ridge Rock Festival, on the same stage, both drew an INSANE crowd and both are part of the most requested bands for 2023. Check out our coverage including LIVE Photos and Videos Bad Omens HERE and Sleep Token HERE. These are just a few of my personal favorites from this set of artists. Check out all the artists announced 76-100 below and let us know who you’re most excited about.

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