August Burns Red Rolls Through Tampa With 10 YRS Of Constellations Tour.

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Most ABR fans are fairly familiar with this album due to it having one of their most popular songs, White Washed. That song currently sits with over 13 million streams on Spotify at the moment of writing this. Regardless of whether you knew one song or the full album, any fans in attendance were in for a treat. The first thing I notice was the production level has been stepped up substantially. Lights on each side of the stage helped illuminate everyone in the band no matter which was they faced and the addition of lasers was an epic surprise! Fog cannons shot up from the stage and we’re lit up by the lasers that danced throughout the room.

My personal favorite off of Constellations is Mariana’s Trench and it has never sounded better. The rest of the crowd was really into it as well…. Screaming “We’re going under! ” in harmony with Jake.

One special moment within the set was to see Bassist, Dustin Davidson give up his instrument for a 6 string guitar and Vocalist Jake Luhrs playing bass on the song Meridian. On the following song, Dustin kept the guitar out and JB took over duty on the bass for Rationalist.

After the full album concluded, there was a handful of songs played from the rest of the bands discography including Ghost, Invisible Enemy, Empire, and Composure to end the evening.

During a break in between songs, Vocalist Jake Luhrs said that of all the times they have played Tampa, this was the biggest most energetic crowd they have ever had show up. He thanked everyone for coming out and constantly supporting the band and live music in general. Guitarist JB Brubaker echoed his thoughts and was very appreciative of the great turn out on a Tuesday night.

I have a feeling that as long as they keep playing in this area, the shows are only going to grow bigger each time. The passion for the fans in this band is being what I have ever seen. Immediately after getting off stage, Jake and Matt, jumped down to the rail to meet with fans who stayed. They have done this every single show I have attended in the last 6 years and it is a real treat.

Here is to hoping for a 10 year tour for Leveler in 2021 !

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