A Phenomenal Display of Musical Mastery: Animals As Leaders

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Animals As Leaders

I recently had the extraordinary pleasure of attending the Animals As Leaders concert in Charlotte, NC on June 26, 2023, and I must say it was an mind-blowing experience. From start to finish, this instrumental progressive metal band delivered a performance that surpassed all expectations and left the audience in awe.

As Tosin Abasi, Javier Reyes, and Matt Garstka took their positions on stage, it became immediately clear that we were in the presence of musical virtuosos. The seamless fusion of intricate guitar work, mind-bending basslines, and powerful drumming was nothing short of breathtaking. Every note, every rhythm, and every transition showcased their unparalleled technical prowess and a deep musical understanding that transcends genres.

Animals As Leaders effortlessly weaved their way through their discography, treating us to a diverse and captivating setlist. Songs like “The Woven Web,” “Physical Education,” and “CAFO” erupted with intensity, captivating the audience with their complex time signatures and mesmerizing melodies. The band’s ability to seamlessly blend heavy, face-melting riffs with moments of melodic beauty was truly awe-inspiring.

In conclusion, Animals As Leaders killed it from the first note to the last, the band showcased their musical genius, delivering a performance that was both technically mind-boggling and emotionally powerful. Their ability to push the boundaries of what is possible on their respective instruments is unparalleled. If you ever have the opportunity to witness Animals As Leaders in concert, I implore you to seize it. Prepare to be astounded, inspired, and moved by their unparalleled talent.

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