Carrollhood (Underoath’s Tim McTague) New Album

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While we are all anticipating a new Underoath album this year, we can celebrate the small victories. Underoath guitarist Tim McTague is also in another band called Carrollhood who have announced a show in Tampa, FL this Friday as well as a new record! Not going to lie, getting notified the band tweeted an announcement was such a tease for a new record or tour.

This band is a departure from the sounds we usually know Tim for making in Underoath as this band is more of an ambient/pop rock type of project rather than a heavy post-hardcore band. Carrollhood also released a EP back in 2013, but since then we haven’t heard much from them. Aside from Tim, Nathan Young of Anberlin and Reed Murray of Say Anything are listed as members on the Carrollhood Facebook page as well. The band released a new song late last year which you can listen to below to get a taste of the record.

You can check out the announcement and ticket links below if you’re in the Tampa area or just want to road trip from hours away. Aside from Underoath and Carrollhood, McTague has also produced Tampa band LIMBS’ debut EP which is out now via Equal Vision Records.

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