Michael Bohn Reforming Woe, Is Me?

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After the disappointing news that devastated fans of the band Issues, we have learned that the outed co-frontman does have a project in the works. Most people who get kicked or leave a band always tend to make the generic ‘this isn’t the end for me, new stuff coming soon’ posts, it usually takes almost a year to know anything about them. Is this project new, or is it the ashes and a rebirth of Woe, Is Me?

For Michael though, we found out real quick that one partner in the new endeavor is his old bandmate from the days of former Rise Records band Woe, Is Me Kevin Hanson. Woe, Is Me were signed to Rise Records in 2009 with their debut ‘Number[s]’ instantly becoming a scene staple. Though that would the lone record featuring both Bohn and Tyler Carter due to Carter leaving the band after. The band eventually disbanded in 2013.

This photo was posted on Instagram just very shortly after Bohn’s announcement of being booted.

The boys are back!

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So with these two at it, IS Woe, Is Me back? While we would LOVE for that to happen we have to err on the other side and assume that this is a completely new project. Something else we can say also is a guy named Turner Wood is involved somewhere, after looking into his page, it looks more like he is producing the project and writing rather than being an actual member.

One of the first replies is the man who took over for Carter in Woe, Is Me Hance Alligood. Imagine if he came into the project also! Though there is 0 reason to assume that.

So while it’s great to live in a land of theories and what if’s, we are just happy we will be getting some new tunes from Bohn. Woe, Is Me may not be back, but 2/6 of them are reunited and it feels so good.

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