WATCH: Interview With Lakeshore

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Lakeshore is a newer band that have a few members who aren’t so new. Comprised of a couple ex members of Emmure, the style leans more on the Post-Hardcore side of things. Lakeshore has been promoting singles for most of the year and even ended up on our summer compilation you can get here. However, Lakeshore finally released their debut EP ’41’ late this Summer.

Lakeshore is a band blending the aspects of heavy music and melody for a true unique sound. The music can be radio friendly yet Warped Tour ready! ’41’ is a true work of art and the perfect length to digest to get familiar with the band, yet leaving you wanting more. Live they are just a great! The band is just as great live bringing energy and passion to the stage engaging every member of the the crowd.

We caught up with the band in Atlanta recently while they were on tour with the mighty Alesana. Hear about their beginnings, EP, being an independent band, and much more!

**After this interviewed we admitted we did not want to ask the cliche ‘what does your name mean question’ so we did just for kicks. Turns out to be pretty interesting! Lakeshore is the name and ’41’ is the number of the road drummer Joe Lionetti and guitarist Ben Lionetti grew up on! Pretty Rad!**

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