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Standby Records and Utah based band Shine Bright are excited to bring you their debut video for the label entitled ‘Remorse’.

Shine Bright continues the trend that has been creeping into 2017 that is paying homage to the older styles of Post-Hardcore. Bands such as Rise Records’ Thousand Below, Victory’s Awaken I Am, Equal Vision’s Picturesque, Tragic Hero’s Northern Ghost, We Are Triumphant’s Softspoken, and the unsigned Speech Patterns have all been instrumental in bringing this back.

The beautiful thing is, the bands mentioned all do it in their own way. At times hit hits hard, others tend to favor melody and ambience. Shine Bright do an AMAZING job of bringing both extremes together to form a nice balance of the heavier side and softer side. The verses favor a Beartooth style while the chorus pushes more into the realms of older bands in the genre such as At The Skylines or older My Ticket Home.

If that is a style of music you are normally into then I can tell you will enjoy this band as the release more content. Personally I am stoked for them and cannot wait to see what it next! Check the video below and go give the Shine Bright guys a warm welcome by liking their facebook page and sharing the song around!

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