Band Becomes First To Have Own Marijuana Strand To Sell…LEGALLY!

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Interesting isn’t it? Well that is exactly what the band Versus has done! The Revival Recordings band announced the major deal via Facebook today. Versus is based out of Washington in which they struck a deal with Hi Tunes to distribute their own joints in recreational locations in Washington.

Getting Legalized

Washington Initiative 502, or better known as Marijuana Reform, was on the voting ballad in 2012 which saw and overwhelming vote to pass. Of course, with any sort of substance permissions comes restrictions in which no one under 21 can possess the substance nor can you have large amounts of it. What Versus has down is well within the law and is groundbreaking not only for bands, but other independent creators looking for the next wild wild west to market their product.

Capitalizing BIG Time!

Versus’ facebook page had the following post making the major announcement today:

“The truth is out! We have partnered with Washington based company Hi Tunes to bring our music into the marijuana world!
You can pick up one of our joints at a local recreational store, scan the QR code, and jam our music instantly!
We’re so excited to be apart of this, as it’s never been done before!”

Q&A W/ Joe Taylor, Frontman of Versus

1. What was the process of setting this deal up and where can you see this going as far as opening up doors?

The owner of hi tunes is a guy we’ve worked with for the last few years. He’s a fan and supporter of music. It was a no brained when he brought the idea to us. I see this being the new standard for launching music in legal states!

2. Being the first band to do this, how is that making you guys feel about it? Worried about copycats?

Not worried. We were the first rock band to do it and no one can take that from us. But I’m stoked for others that follow to take advantage of a forever growing industry.

3. Is this the future of marketing, a new wild wild west of promoting your music/product via a new vehicle such as marijuana legalization?

I think this is the future of marketing . It’s the fastest growing industry as we speak. It’s only logic to integrate it with music.

4. What does Versus have going on for the foreseeable future?



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