PREMIERE: Lilac Kings release first song off debut EP through We Are Triumphant!

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The post-hardcore genre is filled with many talented bands, and lot of bands that were lost in the mix. Lilac Kings is on course to become a name everyone in the scene knows, and for a very important reason. While they have the higher-pitched vocals, they also have a different quality that a lot of bands seem to forget: variation. Both in vocals and instrumentation, they seem to never get to stale and are always changing things up.

Based out of Tulsa, Oklahoma of all places, Lilac Kings is a post-hardcore band with hints of other genres from song to song. If you’re into more of the Dance Gavin Dance, City And Colour, and Saosin sound then you’ll surely love what these guys are serving for dinner. The new song titled For When You’re Dreaming is sure to get you jamming out and falling in love with this band by the first listen.
Having newly signed to the record label We Are Triumphant, this is just the first of many new surprises to come for the band.

Later this year they will be releasing their debut label EP titled “What Brings Us Back”, but until then we can all just appreciate how hard hitting this first single is. While it hits hard it also knows when you back off to give you some breathing room, also given by the sudden stops throughout the song. All of this variation is honestly refreshing since post-hardcore has been known to not evolve a whole lot. But with bands like Dance Gavin Dance as one of their inspirations, they’re surely following along the same lines by keeping it fresh and new while still taking inspiration from the predecessors.

We have the exclusive premiere of their first song right down below so give it a listen and let us know what you think!

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