My Top 10 Live Performances By Scott Waldman

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Scott Waldman is back with his weekly contribution to our site which we love him doing for us! This time, he gives a list of the top 10 performances he has seen. If you don’t know some of these bands listed here, you NEED to go check them out because they will not let you down!

I like music. I like you. I hope that you like music and me too.

Here are the Top 10 live bands that I’ve seen:

10. Reel Big Fish at Irving Plaza in 1999 – Special shout outs are in order for the two openers (Zebrahead & Teen Heroes; what a night)

9. NOFX at HOB Hollywood in 2012 – They. Played. The. Decline.

8. The Juliana Theory at the Agora Theater in 2003 – I saw this show by accident and it was quite a happy accident.

7. Foo Fighters at The Forum in 2008 – SO. MANY. HIT. SONGS.

6. Ludo at Warped Tour at Nassau Colisseum in 2008 – One of the quirkiest and most insanely gifted bands I’ve ever seen!

5. Foxy Shazam at Troubadour – Indescribable.

4. Jimmy Eat World at Coney Island High in 1999 – At. The. Drive. In. Opened. And. JEW. Still. Stole. The. Show. This. Was. On. The. CLARITY. Tour.

3. Muse at Staples Center in 2010 – Arena rock at it’s finest.

2. Green Day at The Palace in Auburn Hills in 2002 – Green Day opened for blink and showed ‘em what’s up.

1. Silverchair at Shepherd’s Bush Empire 2003 – PERFECTION.

Go support live music!
Go support live music indeed! You’re favorite band was once a local band and so support the locals you love so they can grow and give better performances and do better tours and make someone’s favorites list also!
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