INTERVIEW: Anti Flag Discuss Warped Tour + Donald Trump + Punk Being Offensive

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With the political climate ever changing, much can be said about the music climate. Innocent days of just MySpace are done and now artists manage what seems like 1 million social media accounts. While things move along and bands change, some do not. Some stay in with their goal decades later, adapting to the scene and political climate. This sums up Anti Flag.

The band has been known in the punk scene for many many years for not shying away from injustices they see in the world or on a tour like Warped Tour. Throw in the current President Of The United States in Donald Trump, you get an interesting take on a band that can show others a thing or two about sticking to your convictions even when times get heated. Check out interview below from the Vans Warped Tour.

Donald Trump

Pat wasted no time in ‘telling it like it is’ as far as Trump goes. He slammed how he has become an enabler to have closeted racists speak out and be known. With recent events going on in Charlottesville, VA, this has become a tightly held belief. With Trump in office, he feels more than ever people need to speak up for the bad things being said. You can say what you want, but you’ll be slammed for being an @$$hole.

Punk Rock Being Offensive

This took place shortly after a band got the boot for saying some things to a female in the audience. It was defended with that term so I pressed Pat on what he feels being offensive means. Yes, punk rock is offensive, according to him in which I agree, it should be offensive to CEO’s, politicians, etc. Basically anyone trying to control or force something onto someone else that we don’t have to stand for.

New Music

In his words, new record and it’s fu*king awesome!

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