Albums Of The Year Part 3: The EP Edition

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In part 3 of our rundown of the music released this year, we have a separate list for EPs because we feel it’s not fair nor does it do them justice to be compared to the LPs. So dive in and find some gems from this year or a new act you never knew before!

1. Harm- What We Know Is A Drop
FFO: Underoath/As Cities Burn/A Skylit Drive

Harm are a band from North Carolina bringing the flavors your loved from the mid 00s post-hardcore era mixed with experimental elements to bring you one of the best EPs of the year. Grow your hair out, use extra hairspray, and paint your nails black boys and girls.

2. Never I- The Less I Loved Myself
FFO: Underoath/Counterparts/Vanna

Another band from North Carolina that is Never I, one time seeing their live show and you’ll be hooked. The band while puts on a very emotional and destructive performance on recordings, seeing it live is another animal. Certainly as music should be.

3. Dream State- Recovery
FFO: Slaves/Emarosa/Too Close To Touch

This year we have seen that women are taking over the post-hardcore genre with the favorites we have listed and it is a wonderful thing. Dream State is no exception here with Recovery. Honesty, they were one of those random finds just browsing the internet and our minds were blown right away. The music is beautiful, emotional, yet has a very aggressive edge to it. The vocals are raw in both the singing and screaming, commanding your attention.

4. SYCAMOURSubstance Abuse
FFO: Mike Posner/Justin Bieber/The Neighborhood

Departing from their metalcore roots we remember this band from, they have completely evolved into a pop band with guitars. The description is fitting as they truly blend elements of some of Pop’s bigger names with that moody pop band sound as well. Catchy hooks and melodies with sexy grooves and instrumentals. So down.

5. Empty- The Healing Process
FFO: Norma Jean/The Chariot/Being As An Ocean

Another band from the Carolinas, really this area is underrated, Empty offer up another sound of pure chaos and melody with The Healing Process. Certainly, a must listen for anyone who grew up a fan or is a fan of the classic Solid State Records catalog….also…this band is on their way up the ladder so expect to see more about them from us in the future!

The Rest Of The Best:

6. Ky Rodgers- From My Mind
FFO: nothing, nowhere/Upchurch/Landon Tewers

7. SunsleepI Hope To See Again With Brand New Eyes
FFO: Anberlin/Search The City/Eidola

8. Dens- No Small Tempest
FFO: Thrice/My Epic/Hail The Sun

9. Lifelong- Revive The Masses
FFO: Confide/A Bullet For Pretty Boy/The Color Morale

It’s worth noting that this band is 90% of Confide reunited.

10. Better Half- Maybe I Was Waiting
FFO: Have Mercy/Turnover/Moose Blood

11. Carrollhood- S/T
FFO: The Neighborhood/Chase Atlantic/Nine Inch Nails

*Featurs Tim McTague (Underoath)/Nate Young (Anberlin)

12. Haux- Something To Remember
FFO: Ambient Pop/Indie Pop

13. The Weeknd- My Dear Melancholy

14. Earth Groans- Rehab
FFO: The Chariot/Norma Jean/Every Time I Die

15. Jason Butler- Pressure Cracks/The Fever 333

Because of his work in TWO projects that killed, Jason Butler gets his own slot on our list for his work in Pressure Cracks AND The Fever 333.

** Because of article formatting #15 is the only place we could put this.

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