Friday Thoughts W/ Scott Waldman: 20 Best Album Openers

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Our buddy Scott Waldman is letting us into his personal list of favorite albums openers describing them how only he knows how. With his love of words and giving us a short description on why. Let us know what 20 you think are the best! So here we go, 20 best album openers!

A good first song is crucial for an album to resonate… Here are my top twenty album opening tracks in “mix tape” form:


  1. The Beatles – “A Hard Day’s Night”


That chord. That song. SUCKED IN.


  1. The Get Up Kids – “Holiday”


Pick scrapes get me going.


  1. Weezer – “Tired Of Sex”


Bass baby, bass baby. FEEDBACK.


  1. Boston – “More Than A Feeling”


One acronym with three letters: M.I.T.


  1. Guster – “Great Escape”


Two guitars, two voices, & several sore fingers from hand drumming.


  1. Finch – “New Beginnings”


The polar opposite of Guster and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


  1. Jimmy Eat World – “Bleed American”


Mainstream America, here’s Jimmy Eat World!


  1. Silverchair – “Across The Night”


The best song from the best live band I’ve ever seen.


  1. The Who – “Overture/It’s A Boy”


I’ve yet to see a broadway musical that I enjoy more than “Tommy”.


  1. IAmDynamite – “Where Will We Go”


The video will make you dizzy, but the harmonies will make you smile.


  1. Sunny Day Real Estate – “Killed By An Angel”


Riff. Rock. 


  1. I the Mighty – “The Dreamer”


I saw this band open for Armor For Sleep a few years ago and I was blown away by their musicianship.


  1. blink-182 – “Anthem, Pt. 2”


The best track from their best album.


  1. Billy Talent – “This Is How It Goes”


Not. For. The. Faint. Of. Heart.


  1. Superdrag – “Keep It Close To Me”


The most underrated track from the most underrated band’s most underrated album.


  1. Something Corporate – “I Want To Save You”


SoCo, you sure did.


  1. Acceptance – “Take Cover”


I still think that this track should’ve been the single.


  1. The Used – “Maybe Memories”


Scream, Dracula, Scream!


  1. Against Me! – “New Wave”


Come on and wash these shores away.


  1. Ben Folds Five – “Narcolepsy”


Epic album OPENER.


Thanks for reading this. Thanks for reading/listening to my closing song list. Xo.

-Scott Waldman

We took this list and made a Spotify playlist! Check it out below!

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