Being As An Ocean buy out contract with Equal Vision, plan to self-release new album

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Warped Tour is over and now is the time for bands to work on their own tours, for some release their own music. Whether it was Somos releasing a statement about coming back, or Brand New dropping a full album randomly, this year has been full of surprises. Now we have yet another surprise dropped on us. This time by the melodic-hardcore band Being As An Ocean.

In December of last year they released a statement about an upcoming album during the summer of 2017. This was nearly a year after they had signed to Equal Vision, and everything was looking very promising. There wasn’t much promotion going into the new album, or at least not as much as you’d expect for a band on the level that BAAO is at. Fans took notice around June and started asking where this new album was, now that summer had finally come.

The New Album"Waiting For Morning To Come"Available Summer 2017.

Posted by Being As An Ocean on Saturday, December 10, 2016

Being As An Ocean released a statement calling out Equal Vision, which I’m sure didn’t go over too well. Really smart however, because that callout is probably what got EV to realize that people wanted to hear more BAAO. The band got ready to head out on Warped with no new album, but still put their heart into every show on the tour. Around the end of June the band faced even more difficulties, with their and HUNDREDTH’s tour bus catching fire!

Now in an even bigger turn of events the band released a statement on August 19th stating that they’ve officially bought out their contract. With that they’ll be releasing their one single titled Thorns next week, and another single titled Black & Blue a week later. They don’t directly say they’re singles, but that’s just my theory. If it is in fact 2 albums, then I’m even more game for that. With the last bands single OK being a little on the softer side, for them at least, it’ll be interesting to see where they go with it. They’ll be heading out on a EU/UK tour this fall with fellow Warped Tour friends Stick To Your Guns, and Silent Planet. If you’re in any of the areas, you need to see this lineup.

EU/UK Fall 2017 Tour

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