Wendy’s Didn’t Have To Roast State Champs That Bad But They Did (UPDATED)

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No one is safe on #NationalRoastDay they’ve now Wendy’s got Miss May I and none other than Atilla’s FRONZ. The guys in Miss May I started with:

Do your worst, we’ve been eating Wendy’s at pilot travel centers for 10 years waiting for this moment.

This led Wendy’s to respond

Can’t wait to do the wall of death, and the circle pit, and hear you tell us this is the best town of the tour so far while you run support for Hatebreed. 😉

Fronz then took his shot with

Your nuggets are faker than a Kardashian butt

Which made Wendy’s fire off the most brutal one yet

Knock off Frankie Palmeri has Jokes

Is anyone safe on National Roast Day

Original Post

Well, for National Roast Day Wendy’s took it to a whole new level pm the Pop Punk band State Champs. It will started with a Tweet from Wendy’s which read

It’s go time! You want the roast? Then let’s go! #NationalRoastDay

This prompted State Champs to reply with a simple “Roast Us”. Which led to the following.

Just when you thought pop punk was dead and gone someone threw a new coat of paint on New Found to get them on top 40. #NationalRoastDay

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