Welcome to Horrorwood: Ice Nine Kills Takes Over SC

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Halloween horrors came twice this year for Ice Nine Kills fans attending their show in Columbia, SC this past Thursday night. This was the second show of the “Severed Leg 2” of their “Hip to Be Scared Tour”. The wicked supporting lineup this time around included Fame On Fire, Currents, and Bad Omens. Bad Omens replaced Escape the Fate for this second half of the tour. 


Fame On Fire brought their usual fierce energy and genre-bending performance that I have come to expect from them. They’ve gotten better each time I have seen them, and I can’t believe that they don’t have a much larger following. They played mostly original songs but also threw in a Linkin Park cover, and then closed with their epic cover of “XO TOUR Llif3”. 


This was my third time shooting the metalcore band Currents and they definitely brought their A-game to Columbia as well. They are definitely a high-energy band and are always fun to photograph. 


Next up was the Richmond, VA-based metal band Bad Omens. Their set was incredibly dark and moody, and I was blown away by their music. I hadn’t really listened to them prior but I immediately started following them on Spotify. 


Ice Nine Kills absolutely, well, killed it. They put on a positively phenomenal live experience, as anyone who has seen them before knows. Their performances are known to be quite theatrical and they are a joy to shoot because of this. I love the addition of masks and props and they have a new mic stand that looks incredible, made up on the faces of horror icons. 

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