Andrew McMahon’s Three Pianos Tour Comes to Raleigh

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Andrew McMahon’s Three Pianos tour came to The Ritz in Raleigh, NC this past Friday night. The former frontman of both Something Corporate and Jack’s Mannequin is now a thriving solo artist with a dedicated following. I grew up being obsessed with Something Corporate so this was pure nostalgic bliss for me. The tour is named after his recently released memoir by the same name, Three Pianos. Andrew performed a medley of his hits along with covering Something Corporate and Jack’s Mannequin songs as well. The highlight of my evening was getting to hear him play my favorite song, “Watch The Sky”. I’ve always felt that just Andrew and his piano was one of the most beautiful things in the world, and now even more so in person. He spent a good bit of time between songs telling the stories behind them, just a hint at what is documented in his memoir. He’s a very gifted singer and songwriter and also has a way of being genuine and personable, truly captivating the audience.


  1. Synesthesia
  2. Ohio
  3. She Paints Me Blue (SC cover)
  4. The Mixed Tape (JM cover)
  5. Watch The Sky (SC cover)
  6. High Dive
  7. The Astronaut (SC cover)
  8. I Woke Up In A Car (SC cover)
  9. There, There Katie (JM cover)
  10. Swim (JM cover)
  11. Dark Blue (JM cover)
  12. Konstantine (SC cover)
  13. Something Wild (Lindsay Stirling cover)
  14. 21 and Invincible (SC cover)
  15. Maps For The Getaway
  16. Cavanaugh Park (SC cover)
  17. Fire Escape
  18. The Resolution (JM cover)
  19. Cecilia and the Satellite


  1. Holiday From Real (JM cover)
  2. Paper Rain
  3. La La Lie (JM cover)

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