Something Clever Has Song Featured On Dragon Ball Super

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When we are young, we have many childhood dreams of being part of something we love. For some, playing a role in Star Wars. For others, maybe it’s creating a new Pokemon or video game in a franchise you love. For many musicians, it’s having your music play a role in something you love and North Carolina’s Something Clever just had that happen.

Power Level Over 9,000

Forget cloud 9, Something Clever’s power level just hit over 9,000 when their song was featured in an ad for Dragon Ball Super. This is a franchise we have all grown up watching as it has been on the air since its first inception since 1986 as just ‘Dragon Ball’. Dragon Ball Super has been the latest installment being on air since 2015 which featured the song ‘Rise’ by Something Clever. Check out the promo below via the band’s facebook page:

Thanks Crunchyroll for using our song #rise on the new #dragonballzsuper commercial! #crunchyroll #somethingclever #rise #dragonballz Thanks for the video, Korey!

Posted by Something Clever on Saturday, December 30, 2017


The featured song ‘Rise’ comes off of Something Clever’s album “Season Of Light” which dropped this year. The band also successfully pulled off their own festival ‘Clever Con’ this past fall which was modeled after ‘Comic-Con’ events except with a rock show to go along with it.

Congrats to Something Clever for having their song played as a smaller band and we hope bigger things come from this. You can stream their record “Season Of Light” which includes ‘Rise’ below!

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