Lydia Releases New Song VHS

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Indie rockers Lydia have released a new single called VHS. Read the official statement from vocalist Laughton Antelman below and let us know what you think. According to Antelman this is the first of many new tracks from the band.

It’s wild as hell…
You’ve all been such a massive part of the music I’ve created for over a decade. All the moments I’ve been lucky enough to take part in; the theaters, clubs, shitty bars and everywhere in between. The ones that have fully shaped the music I’ve made. The truth is, you are the reason Lydia is still here making music. The stories you’ve shared with me over the years are pure magic. Being able to truly be a part of so many of your lives on such a brilliantly real and personal level, is something I think about all the time. Something I take with me.
2019 was me stopping to pause, look around and take a breath. Genuinely asking myself, what really matters? To silence as much noise as I could. I found myself stuck in a downpour on the back of a scooter in a small town in Mexico, jumping out of a plane with the ones that made me for their 40th (mom barely making it out the plane), creating a life with the girl I’ve been writing about and the making of a story worthy enough for the grandkids.
Stepping away from music has had a bigger impact than I thought it would. It allowed me to write differently and more importantly look at the world differently. I’d love to see us playing smaller, intimate shows in place of large venues and longer tours, connecting in a way like we haven’t before. I’ve been writing and recording music quite a bit over the last few years. Songs and noises that I’m truly eager and excited to share again. It’s reminded me of what I love so much about making records.
The simple wonder, failures, and imagination you get completely lost inside. Like recording a piece of cardboard scraping against a disco ball at 3 am to make a “beat” for a song called “All I See” or setting up five microphones a basketball court away from the guitar amps on a song called “Hospital” to make the notes sound like they’re floating.
I’m always looking for ways to pay back the years of love you’ve given me. Stoked to make some more wild memories together and share some new tunes.
That said, I am excited to announce a brand new song called “VHS” is out now! This is the first of many more songs to come…
Head over to now to stream the new track!

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