Kamelot, Delain, Battle Beast – Silver Spring, MD

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This past Wednesday, Kamelot, Delain and Battle Beast brought their new tour to the Fillmore in Silver Spring, Maryland. This tour is hot off the presses, being only the 3rd date.

Battle Beast, from Finland opened the show up, relative newcomers to the United States, in the fact it’s only their 2nd full US Tour. The crowd however packed in and proved they’re no rookies, and knew every word to every song and were so into the performance it was almost like a headliner of sorts. Hates off to Battle Beast, I can’t wait to see them kill it again.

Delain was up next, and after my last time covering them, I knew what expect and was not disappointed. Almost exactly a year to the date of their last Maryland performance (April 26th, 2017), Delain brought a shorter, but different set from their last appearance, which was a pleasant surprise. I love seeing set list’s get changed up from tour to tour, on the same album cycle. Hopefully they’ll be back soon, because it’s always an absolute pleasure to take photos of such an awesome band.

Kamelot closed the night out to a rowdy crowd, with a 14 song set full of surprises. Lauren Hart of Once Human joined Kamelot on stage for 4 songs, which included the opening song “Phantom Divine”, “March of Mephisto”, “Liar Liar”, and “Sacrimony”, which also featured Delain’s vocalist, Charlotte Wessels, as well. That was definitely my favorite performance of the night.

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