WATCH: Interview W/ Upcoming Rapper Whitney Peyton

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If there is anything to be seen with the music scene over the years, it’s how much all of it is merging. We have crossover bands such as Issues, Palisades, and as of late Volumes. We have alt-pop acts such as PVRIS and Bring Me The Horizon seemingly going that way, as I See Stars pushes their EDM identity. That doesn’t leave out the genre of Rap either as Pouya has been featured on Volumes’ latest record, Blackbear has been heard on Palisades’ 2014 offering ‘Mind Games’ and Ghostemane blends heavy style you’d hear in a band to trap beats, even screaming over some verses. We also have Tragic Hero Records’ Whitney Peyton, who will blow up the charts at any given moment. She has already managed to chart in the same company as Post Malone and Kendrick Lamar. Whoa.

We caught up with Whitney Peyton on her run with horrorcore legends Twiztid to talk about the craziness that has become her career. Pick up her record ‘Firecracker’ which is out now to hear guest spots from The Word Alive, Dead Rabbits, Eyes Set To Kill, and Asking Alexandria.

Touring With Twiztid, Truth About Juggalos

As stated above, Twiztid is a legend in the horrorcore scene as well as among the fandom called the Juggalos (Juggalettes for the ladies). Whether in parody or on the news, the group tends to get a bad rep but all in all, they’re just normal people who support music and want to have a good time. We talked to Whitney Peyton about being in this world to which she admits had no real experience with prior. In fact, she owes a boost of her early career to the community who welcomed her in before anyone else did. We also touch on the recent addition of the Juggalos being labeled a gang or ‘hate group’.

Being A Rapper, With Heavy Roots

We touch on her record which features emo legend Matt Good amongst the other artists we mentioned above. While being on these rap charts, she manages to stay in the company of artists who yell into a microphone for a living or play their guitars in low tunings. She loves being around various types of music and credits MGK for opening that road for many people like her. Watch for more of her story!

The Future Is VERY Bright

The rest of our talk with Whitney Peyton revolves around where she is at now in her career and where it is going. She mentions a very awesome thing happening in her new music, which you have to watch for that info. She is going to do her thing, her way, and people will either get behind it or get left behind. You can stream her record below!

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