INTERVIEW: Tim Mctague (Carrollhood/Underoath)

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We got to chat this week with Tim Mctague best known for his role as lead guitarist in the influential band known as Underoath. Though upon reaching out, we weren’t looking to talk Underoath but rather his side project Carrollhood. The project also features Nate Young of the now broken up Anberlin and Reed Murray of Say Anything.

Carrollhood released their new self-titled EP ‘S/T’ just a couple of weeks ago. If anyone knows any of the main bands these guys come from, you know what style you may come to expect but this EP is not that at all. It is laced with vocoder effects on the vocals, pretty ambient sounds, reverbed and delayed guitars, and big yet spaced drums. Listen below and stream our conversation with Tim Mctague in which we discuss Carrollhood, his production/management roles, and his approach to business/family life being balanced.

Tim Mctague Interview:



A Balanced Life

One of the first things we get into is how does a guy such as Tim who is always on the go also put aside time for his family? This is a common thing that many musicians and even everyday people have to balance when they are always on the go. Essentially for him, it comes down to appointments. Such as if dinner is at 6pm then dinner is at 6pm, no excuses. This seems to add a bit of ease into what sounds like chaos trying to balance so many projects and a family.

Why Release The New Carrollhood EP Now?

A question Tim really liked was asking about with Underoath initially breaking up in 2013 and then Anberlin in 2014, why did it take 2018 with Underoath back in full force to release the EP? All it boils down to is time. He was working a different job then and couldn’t do it. In fact, sacrifices had to be made for this side project to be given attention.

Starting From Scratch

One thing that we wanted to discuss was if he felt like with a different band if it felt like he was starting over despite each member being from highly known and influential bands. Basically, the goal of this project isn’t really to get massive but rather just chill and have a good time.

Plug And Play/Developing Plugins?

We have known Tim to be an intense musician. From his writing to stage presence it is full throttle. This goes with his set up which he gets into on this portion, so gearheads go listen. Essentially we asked how different was it for the Carrollhood guitar parts vs the way he does it in Underoath, while at it, we also wondered if he had ever considered creating plugins and sample packs for people to download.

Producing LIMBS EP

Tim Mctague produced the fierce EP delivered by new blood to Equal Vision Records called LIMBS. We discussed how he got into the role of working with them and how he got to know them. We highly recommend checking them out as they were on my personal top EPs of 2017.

This was a huge honor to be able to connect and talk with Tim Mctague and thank him again for doing it. Hopefully, we can bring you an Underoath interview this year sometime as well!

Carrollhood Links:

Pick up a copy of Carrollhood’s new EP S/T at the following links



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