Glasgow’s “Glorious Failure” is Anything But

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The other day, we got a notification from a band called “Glorious Failure”, that they had just released their first album. The small band from Glasgow described themselves as “…pop-punk, but on fire? If you can, imagine Dragonforce playing pop-punk.”

That grabbed our attention. Check out the album below. For fans of Carousel Kings, Set Your Goals, Motives, We Were Sharks, Half Hearted Hero, Four Year Strong, Like Pacific, and all those fast pop punk bands with big riffs and juicy melodies:

We decided to spin their new release, Sad Reacts Only, and it seriously impressed us. We sent them a response saying that we loved the record, and asked them a few questions about their history and where they wanted to go with the band.

M: Which bands inspired you to create the music you make?

You’d think being a “pop punk” band there’d be some pop punk influence, but nah it’s like all metal. Honestly, the main spark was discovering the band Strapping Young Lad. I was so into how mental and intense they sounded, but it was all based off of negative emotions, so I began to think what if you could recreate that same energy, but happy??? And that thought has led us to what we sound like today, which is quite good.

M: In a very saturated market, what do you think listeners appreciate about Sad Reacts Only and Glorious Failure?

We try to be a bit more intense. Like we don’t want to just play you the pop punk tunes, we want to absolutely batter you with the pop punk tunes. We want to absolutely kerbstomp you with the happy music. We want to absolutely waterboard you with the good vibes. The end goal is for our music to be like a torture chamber of happiness. Get uncomfortably hyped.

M: What’s your dream tour (with you on it!)?

I mean I liked Green Day and Sum 41 growing up so that’d be cool. Pretty much all the bands I enjoy nowadays we wouldn’t fit on a bill with so if we played with them it was be the most poisoned chalice ever. Like getting to play with Misery Signals and Poison the Well would be sick until you actually have to play before them then realise the audience (and the bands) are confused as to why your pop punk band that doesn’t go here is here, the whole thing is so painfully awkward & they all hate it. I’m actually getting anxious thinking of that happening. bleugh. next question.

M: What should fans expect to see from you guys in the future?

We intend to record the best album of all time however we’ll no doubt  be too broke or stupid to promote it properly so you probably won’t hear it. 

Go like Glorious Failure on Facebook, buy the album on Bandcamp, follow them on Twitter, and tell us your reactions to “Sad Reacts Only” below!

We found Glorious Failure through our band submission form. Soundlink is always on the lookout for new artists with stories to tell – no matter where you are in the world! Send us your music and story here ⇒.

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