Girl Proposes To Boyfriend During Counterparts Set

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It has become a beautiful thing in this scene when bands take the time to allow someone to propose the notion of spending forever with them…legally on paper that is. We have seen this on the stages of Warped Tour and clubs across the world and it happened again in Atlanta, GA when Counterparts allowed a female to propose to her boyfriend.

This was the last day of the “All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us” tour headlined by Archiects with support from Stick To Your Guns and Counterparts. This writer happened to be there as well and it was truly a magical night all around. However, seeing the gender roles of old in the trash by having the female propose was a wonderful thing. As always it is worth noting that Counterparts put on an amazing set and the songs from last year’s ” You’re Not You Anymore” were just as powerful live.

Check out the video below as Counterparts cheers them on!

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