Epica & Lacuna Coil Show Baltimore “The Ultimate Principle”

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Greetings Soundlink Readers! It’s Terry, it’s been awhile since I’ve checked in, but I’m stoked to finally bring some coverage to you and begin what I hope to be a busy fall season of shows! In this edition, we’ll be touching on “The Ultimate Principle Tour”, featuring Epica, Lacuna Coil, and Insomnium, all from Europe! We take you to Ram’s Head Live in Baltimore, Maryland for one of the final shows of the tour.

Insomnium opened the show up by proving to Baltimore that the Fins, while slightly different from the tour package lineup, were an awesome selection to get the crowd going. They released their concept album “Winter’s Gate” one year ago, and played Part’s 1 through 4 and a few other singles during their set.

Lacuna Coil took the stage next, my favorite band from Italy, point blank. The last time I saw them live, they had just released delirium and had a shorter set, supporting Halestorm. This time, with a longer set, half the set was dedicated to Delirium, so I was super stoked to see some songs I hadn’t seen live yet, like “Ghost in the Mist”, “My Demons”, and “Downfall”. As per usual, the stage costumes were beautiful, especially Bassist Maki’s. Cristina, Andrea, and the boys still put on one of the most energetic performances and still live up to the hype every time I see them. Also worth nothing, if you’re a huge fan of Lacuna Coil, you’ll know that their 20th anniversary as a band is rapidly approaching, and Cristina announced on stage that they’re working on a special book for the anniversary entitled “Nothing Stands In Our Way”. Be on the lookout for that next year, it sounds like a awesome item for collectors!

Epica closed the night out playing just over a dozen songs, with about one third off the most recent album “The Holographic Principle”, which just celebrated it’s one year release anniversary. Epica has a pretty extensive discography as one could imagine, and while songs off of “The Holographic Principle” and “The Quantum Enigma” got the most plays, Epica managed to add in at least one song from all of their albums, respectively. Cristina Scabbia joined vocalist Simone Simons on stage for a duet of “Storm the Sorrow”, later in the set, which was a beautiful sight to see.

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