NASCAR Driver Covers Of Mice & Men

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None of us ever thought we would ever see that headline. The world of race cars, checkered flags, and raise hell hail Dale meets the world of mosh pits, heavy guitars, and screaming vocals. It happened though and it comes from a guy who has been involved in this scene for awhile named Darrell Wallace Jr.

Just recently, Wallace did a mini drum cover of ‘Forever YDGn’ by Of Mice & Men off their new album ‘Defy’.

That’s not it though. We were able to find a couple of others of him killing it in the kit. Makes ya wonder if he’d ever consider playing in a band during the NASCAR off-season. There’s also a full cover he did of Killswitch Engage:

Here is one more from September of him playing ‘2nd Sucks’ by A Day To Remember off ‘What Separates Me From You’. Kind of a fitting song to cover considering he’s a NASCAR driver…

Darrell Wallace Jr. competes in the Monster Energy Cup series, the highest level in NASCAR as well as the Xfinity Cup Series which is the second biggest. He has been working his way up the ranks over the last few years. One thing is though he has never shyed away from sharing his love for the music scene. A quick scroll through his social media and you will find hangs with the Miss May I dudes, videos from Fit For A King shows, lyrics from various bands, and even Warped Tour mosh pits.

It can be something that’ll throw off the everyday NASCAR fan for sure and leave them with a head scratcher. We did bring it to you last year that Dale Earnhardt Jr is a pop punk fan also. So really you never know, the next champion could be a lover of the music scene. If one thing is certain, it is that Darrell Wallace Jr. is probably the best at those circle pits…


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