Class Of 2017: Battle Of The Bands

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Every few years a new cream of the crop rises up to become the stars of the future. Some of these bands have been grinding for years, such as Fit For A King, and some have risen up just in the last few years, such as Movements. Either way, these bands in this list are blowing up fast and getting the following they need to headline some pretty big rooms. To make this better, we pitted them head to head to see what you, the readers had to say. The winners were taken from a personal facebook page via comments.

Battle 1: Fit For A King vs Wage War

Winner: Fit For A King

Fit For A King blasted onto the scene with being known almost right after their second album ‘Creation Destruction’ dropped on Solid State Records. The band after began a rigorous touring schedule almost going non stop and putting out two more full lengths since then. The band has yet to go on a headliner which Ryan Kirby told us in a recent interview along the lines of they are ‘Waiting for the right time, so we can sell out venues vs playing in smaller ones’. Watch that HERE.

Case for Wage War

Wage War

Two records in with ‘Deadweight’ dropping only this past Friday, they have quickly risen into metalcore stardom. Gaining legions of fans that grow with every tour they do, which led them to open for A Day To Remember on their hometown show, both bands are from Ocala, FL. Wage War also hit the festival circuit hard this past Spring in which we talked to them at Carolina Rebellion back in May. That can be seen HERE.

Battle 2: Knocked Loose vs Spite

Winner: Knocked Loose

The one band no one has stopped talking about since last year is the winner here. Don’t let their new found Warped Tour fame fool you, they have been doing this and gaining a following way before this summer. The band has been touring very consistently for the last 2 years, which when they inked the Pure Noise Records deal, the hype train took off. Their 2016 ‘Laugh Tracks’ set a bar so high not even they knew what was about to become of it. I’m calling a club headliner within the next 6 months.

Case For Spite

Image result for spite band

Spite CVLT motherfuc*ers. Something that your see popping up all over posts on twitter and facebook and for good reason. The Stay Sick Recordings band have been building up their brand of hardcore infused deathcore across the country literally garnering a cult following. The heavy as hell music and angry pissed off vocals send venue owners to their rebuilding funds because the crowds are insane! Recently they became a side staple in the crowdkilling debate after a girl got injured during one of their shows. You can here about that HERE.

Battle 3: Counterparts vs Silent Planet

Winner: Silent Planet

Silent Planet

Silent Planet is getting everything they deserve. From winning an APMA for best underground band to literally touching the hearts of every fan they meet, they are a band of the people. Their positivity and frontman Garrett Russell’s pure love to connect with people on top of their very unique music gives them a reason to be as big as they are and breaking the next level. We have worked with this band numerous times over the years and their evolution has been a treat to watch.

Case For Counterparts


In the same light, the music and connection between band and people for Counterparts is close. Fans constantly getting to the front to scream the words back and letting pure emotion out during their set is a beautiful thing to watch. Something organic and real happens when this band plays and it is addicting once you experience that. This gives them the breakthrough to the next level to be a major household name in the future. Watch our recent interview with the band HERE.

Battle 4: Waterparks vs One OK Rock

Winner: Waterparks

Image result for waterparks band

Waterparks was a band that literally came from nowhere. I can’t even recall really hearing their name much a year ago but here we are. Already ventured on a successful headliner earlier this year with Too Close To Touch and about to head out on another one later this fall. If anything, the following this band has along with their brand of Pop-Punk is massive, dedicated, and growing. Other bands in their reach will about to know about this band if they don’t watch out. Calling a them a Warped Tour main stage act by next year’s festival.

Case For One OK Rock

Image result for one ok rock

One of the imports from Japan taking over the USA right now. The band has already had stints with Sleeping With Sirens if that tells you anything. Not to mention headlining over Set It Off right now. Their fan base is rabid and obsessed. This band has the potential to be like Sleeping With Sirens breaking out of the Warped Scene and going bigger, talking 5 Seconds Of Summer big. Now may not be their time for that, but at the pace they are growing, it could be tomorrow.

Battle 5: Capsize vs Movements

Winner: Capsize

Image result for capsize band

Certainly one of the only bands out there right now bringing back the golden era of Post-Hardcore. Blending stylings of Underoath/The Used/From First To Last, Capsize give us a truly unique style which has been thirsted for. The band has had incredible growth with fans demanding them to come play in their cities not to mention their very relatable lyrics and insane live show give them the edge they need. Not to mention a fall tour with Miss May I and Ice Nine Kills coming up soon!

Case For Movements

Image result for movements band

If you can’t have a genre pinned on you, you’re doing something right. You can call them pop punk, but then some heaviness hits. You can call them post hardcore, then some spoken word happens. This band is a melting pot of styles which produces a very emotional yet catchy sound. They have been gaining new fans every day when they were out this summer on Warped Tour and they have no signs of slowing down.

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