Chasing Victory To Drop New EP

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If there is one band who had so much talent we saw fade away, it was Chasing Victory. The band had the skills, the sound, and the vibe to become one of the top tier influences in post-hardcore along with such bands like Norma Jean, Underoath, Oh Sleeper, etc. Chasing Victory was formed in 2001 and released two records in 2005 and 2007. Before those records, and EP was released in 2004 called “A Not So Tragic Cover Up”.


The first record, “I Call This Abandonment”, is what many refer to as a staple in that emerging heavy Christian music scene. The record has some southern tinges in it which was popular for these bands to use back in that time, the energy through the whole record is insane. The heavy is carried by catchy hooks and driving melodies. By far the best piece of music we have heard from Chasing Victory.

The 2007 follow up, “Fiends”, was sort of a departure for Chasing Victory. The heavy was traded for experimental sounds. Not really much to write about for this as I have never spun it as much as the first one.

Welcome Back, Chasing Victory

Not sure if the band really ever broke up, but they have been off the radar and silent for many many years. They started to return in 2017 playing shows and now we can look forward to a new EP next week!


We’ve spent the last year putting together new music for you all, and we’re so excited to finally give you a new song. This is the title track to our new EP, which is called Friends Vol. 1. It’s going to be released in two weeks on Friday, Feb. 9th. We have additional songs that we’re working on that will be featured on future volumes. (Be sure to watch the video in HD if the quality seems low – the song will be on streaming services next week.)

This video is made up of footage from when we were a full time band in the 2000s, and all the friends that we shared those times with.

We also have a bunch of new merchandise available for anyone who wants it. A link to our webstore can be found in the comments”

The singles Chasing Victory has released are also on Spotify to listen to below:





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