As Cities Burn + Emery Headline BadChristian Conference

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Your read that right. It looks as if the legendary As Cities Burn are coming back, for more than one show at that too (info below). They will be joined by Emery, Kings Kaleidoscope, Derek Minor, and others who are TBA in performing at the very first BadChristian Conference.

The event is set to take place January 27-28 in Nashville, TN at The Anchor. Though the limited conference slots are small, according to drummer Aaron Lunsford on Twitter, there will be more tickets made for this show itself. You can see his most recent reply regarding the tickets and As Cities Burn’s return:

Post Hardcore & Post Christian

The BadChristian brand was founded by Emery members Matt Carter and Toby Morrell alongside Joey Svendsen, a former member who is now a pastor. It grew from a blog into a podcast into a whole organization which releases music on BC Music, books on BC Words, and even a apparel line called BC Supply.

The whole intention of the brand was to dialogue about the modern church and Christianity along the issues it faces. They also go in deconstructing things that they were taught growing up and how much of that really matters. The target for this conference are the members of the BC Club who pay a minimum $7 each month.

According to the website, it explains the focus of the event as:

The Church is broken, the country is divided, and Evangelicals are still worried about what language you choose for poop. It seems blatantly obvious at this point that between the complete commercialization of our faith, the trading of morality for political power, and the rise of secularism, we are indeed entering a post christian future. Many lament this shift, but the BadChristian community embraces it. Although the future of both our culture, and our personal faith is uncertain, we see an opportunity to participate in building and creating the world we want to live in.”

Son I Still Love You At Your Darkest

One of the biggest things about this event is As Cities Burn coming back. The band originally broke up in 2015 after a farewell tour leaving us to believe that was the final nail in the coffin. We are not sure that As Cities Burn will play more shows let alone drop new music, we are sure though that you need to be in Nashville, TN to experience one of the greatest gems in Post Hardcore history.

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