Albums To Look For In 2018…So Far

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With the end of the year wrapping up, we all have revisited our top releases of the year and compiled them into lists. This is usually a trend with music lovers and the only thing better than recapping and reflecting is anticipating what amazing new tunes will grace our ears next. 2018 is already stacked with announcements, so let’s dive into some of our most anticipated releases we are awaiting…that we know of. As always, releases can change and move so these are the dates we have at press time.

Cane Hill- ‘Too Far Gone’

RELEASE DATE: 1-19-2018
Cane Hill are slated to bring their brand of nu-metal back to our ears with the album ‘Too Far Gone’. The band incorporates elements of Slipknot, Marlyn Manson, and Korn to create a unique sound and style.

Of Mice & Men- ‘Defy’

RELEASE DATE: 1-19-2018
This is the first record of the new Of Mice & Men since Austin Carlile stepped down as frontman to focus on his health. The band has not lost a beat from the singles we have heard and is certainly a step of from their last album.

Waterparks- ‘Entertainment’

RELEASE DATE: 1-26-2018
The new stars of pop-punk have been carving a path for themselves over the last few years and have done a couple of successful headliners to boot. Though they may have been thrown into the pop-punk grinder, they explore many different styles and sounds in their music and this record seems to offer the best yet.

Sleeping Giant- ‘I Am’

RELEASE DATE: 1-26-2018
This is the last record we will get from Sleeping Giant as they have announced they will be calling it quits. So on your last album, why not go all out right? That’s exactly what we are looking to find here.

Story Untold- ‘Waves’

RELEASE DATE: 2-2-2018
One of the newer acts we have been anticipating and we will finally get the debut record via Hopeless Records in February. This band has the talent and music to take them far that come the end of 2018, everyone will know their name.

The Plot In You- ‘Dispose’

RELEASE DATE: 2-16-2018
The Plot In You is a band that has consistently been growing and evolving their sound over the last few records. This record is shaping up to be one of their career-defining albums as well as for this scene. Expect to hear them on the active rock radio stations.

Slaves- ‘Beautiful Death’

RELEASE DATE: 2-16-2018
Regardless of what has surrounded the band’s frontman Jonny Craig, there is no denying the raw talent and pure emotion he brings to these songs. We are all waiting to hear this new sound and the rest of the songs here. Due to Artery dropping the band amid the sexual assault allegations the video has been taken down from YouTube so we have the Spotify stream below.

Pianos Become The Teeth- ‘Wait For Love’

RELEASE DATE: 2-16-2018
This band keeps getting more solid with every release and this one should be no exception. We can anticipate another emotional release, it has been awhile and many people have been waiting as well.

Loathe & Holding Absence- ‘This As One EP’

RELEASE DATE: 2-16-2018
Split releases were a staple in the early days of punk rock and emo. Some of our favorite artists discovered this music via splits and sampler type of records. Anytime we see one of these we get stoked, especially from two upcoming acts who are making a name for themselves.

Senses Fail- ‘If There Is A Light It Will Find You’

RELEASE DATE: 2-16-2018
Post-Hardcore legends Senses Fail return this coming year with a new record. Their last one received mixed reactions from fans, thus far, the singles released for this one have seemed rather positive.

Moose Blood- ‘I Don’t Think I Can Do This Anymore’

RELEASE DATE: 3-9-2018
It seems like bands are going back to long names for records like back in the 00s and it’s awesome. Moose Blood are looking to deliver a solid release building on the sound their fans have come to love. The past few years have been spent developing a loyal fan base and this looks to be the year Moose Blood make their mark on the big stages…playing last every night.

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