New Underoath Record “Erase Me” is Censored On Spotify?

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Excited fans waited up until midnight today to be the first to listen to Erase Me, Underoath’s return record, only to find out that the album was censored on Spotify. Or at least, it appeared that way.

When looking at an album on Spotify, there is usually an option at the bottom of the album to say that there are multiple releases, but until the early morning of the release date, that option wasn’t available. If you’re on a desktop, you can now switch between the censored version and the uncensored version at the bottom of the album page. Mobile users will have search for the album title “Erase Me” from the search bar and click both of the uploads that they see, and check for the one that has the “Explicit” tag on On My Teeth.

Or, you can use these links to get to the version you’re looking for!



This could be a reaction to long-time-fans who complained about the new explicit language used on On My Teeth to make sure that the record is still accessible to fans who care about this. It could also be to make sure that it’s accessible for radio or television.

Make sure to read Trenton‘s review of the new album here:

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