The Sauce World Tour 2023

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The Sauce World Tour consisted of headliner Eladio Carrion along with Big Soto opening up for him. On the 4th day of the tour, Charlotte, NC was the next stop. Big Soto, originally from Venezuela came out with such high energy! The crowd went nuts as they sang along to his first track and kept the bar high throughout his set. My favorite part of his set was how diverse the tracks were. Ranging from Trap, Hip Hop & R&B, Big Soto made sure to touch on multiple genres to keep it refreshing. As a first-time listener of Big Soto, I think he will make it to a larger fanbase than he already has as he gained my attention.

Eladio Carrion

Eladio Carrion really brought the fanbase from Charlotte to him with this packed and Sold Out show. People pushed against the barricade as he came out with excitement. His love for the Carolinas is very apparent in his North Carolina attire as he sported a UNC Jordan Basketball jersey and a matching hat. He also performed songs named after notable Carolina references such as “Kemba Walker” and “North Carolina”. The whole crowd did not get to rest as the pacing of the show was back-to-back song after song with non-stop crowd singing along. This was my first time seeing a Latin trap concert as I am used to Rock/Metal shows. I will say that the energy and performance of this genre are very similar to any rock show that I have been to. I hope to see Eladio Carrion in the future and felt very lucky to have caught him on this run of The Sauce World Tour.

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