Styx Kick off tour in Clearwater FL

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It has been a long time since concerts have been a regular thing in our everyday lives, but I am so glad it’s back with a bang! What other way to resurrect it, than a show with some of the best songwriters over the last 40+ years, Styx! They have toured the world relentlessly for decades and after a long break from the road, it’s nice to see them back at it.

Tonight is the first night of the tour in Clearwater, FL at Ruth Eckerd Hall, and nothing is better than a sold out show to start! 

With a new record that was just released, called Crash of the Crown, they add 14 more songs to their already extensive catalog. It seems quite impossible to sort through that much material to craft the setlist each night.

They began the night with the opening track of Crash of The Crown, right into 3 classics that got everyone in the seated theater, to stand up and rock out!

Lawrence Gowan came out wearing a white button down shirt and tie, which he changed about 7 songs into the set. He had his tech throw him a sparkling coat and top hat to add a bit of extra flair for Rockin The Paradise.

Todd Sucherman’s drumming is so underrated and seeing him in a theater setting like this is where you can hear every single hit of the drum set. He is one of very few modern drummers who plays a traditional style and it is  impressive to see him masterfully using that technique all night.  He was recently named one of the top 60 drummers in the world and it is truly apparent in watching his stick work all over the kit.

I was truly blown away at the acoustics in this venue. Most notably was James Young, playing any sort of riff or solo. His fluidity of movement up and down the fretboard on his guitar, is astounding. One thing that stood out to me, is the tone of these classic songs with modern sonics and equipment.

Compared to the machines they recorded on in the 70s and 80s, it cuts through the mix and sounds sharper and cleaner. 

Tommy Shaw is still one of the most enthusiastic front man in music and can work a crowd like no other. Often coming out on front of the microphone to get as close to the fans as possible and interacting with them throughout the show. With legs kicks above his head, jumps, and kneeling down at the edge of the stage, it is quite impressive to see. His voice also has not lost any power over the years either. Each song was sung identical to the albums to all the fans delight. 

Overall, the show went off without any known issues and everyone in attendance seemed to have a blast. The chatter of patrons exiting was all so positive, and the smiles on each face told the story of a fantastic concert that the fans have been awaiting for a long time!

Setlist :

The Fight Of Our Lives 
Blue Collar Man
Grand Illusion
Save Us From Ourselves (First time being played live)
Light Up
Rockin The Paradise
Man In The Wilderness
Too Much Time On My Hands
Suite Madame Blue


Red Storm 
Miss America
Sound The Alarm
Crystal Ball
Crash of the Crown
Fooling Yourself (Angry Young Man)
Khedive / Lost At Sea – Just Gowan
Come Sail Away


Mr. Roboto

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