Nothing More Brings Spirits to St. Petersburg Fl

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The Spirits North American Tour 2023 is underway as Nothing More leads the charge with Crown the Empire and Thousand Below both along for the trek. With the third stop of the tour being at the Jannus Landing in St. Petersburg, Florida, local rock fans were eager to enjoy a great night of music under the stars. This line up is stacked with Sirius XM staple bands that have soaring melodies in the chorus while incorporating heavy breakdowns that get the crowd stirred up. The pre-sales for this tour have been fantastic and it has already sold out a handful of dates before it even began.

Opening the show was Thousand Below who is fairly new to the scene, but quickly gaining fans with each show they play. They had just released a new album prior to this tour, “Hell Finds You Everywhere”.

Thousand Below Photo Gallery

Once Crown The Empire took the stage the energy shifted and the music took a darker, heavier turn. A pit opened up in the center of the crowd and fans got rowdy! New music is on the way from these guys as well, with the new album, “Dogma” being released on April 28th. Fans have been getting a taste of it the first few shows with the single, “Immortalized” and “In Another Life”.

Crown The Empire Gallery

Nothing More is an American rock band that formed in San Antonio, Texas in 2003. Jonny Hawkins (vocals, percussion), Mark Vollelunga (guitar, vocals), Daniel Oliver (bass, vocals), and Ben Anderson (drums). Their music style is characterized by a fusion of various genres, including rock, metal, and alternative. They have established themselves as a well-respected and unique voice in the rock music scene. All of this plus the constant dedication to delivering an unforgettable experience to their fans, has earned them a reputation as one of the best live acts in the industry. Being able to headline a tour of this magnitude is a huge accomplishment. The upward trajectory of the last few years has been so incredible to watch. Back in 2014 I was lucky enough to catch them play at a small venue that holds 200 people, which is nothing compared to selling out Jannus Live that holds 2,000!

The highlight of their high-energy live performance is always the ability to incorporate such elaborate percussion setups into the show. Towards the end of the set, Mark and Dan hopped down to the barricade with their instruments in hand to get closer to the fans. Immediately after, Jonny brought 2 drums down to the rail and handed them to separate fans to hold steady while he beat on them in unison with Ben. It was quite a spectacle that had everyone in the audience captivated.

Nothing More Photo Gallery

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