Neck Deep’s 2021 Tour Comes to Charlotte

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Neck Deep’s 2021 Tour came to Charlotte, NC this week, accompanied by Boston Manor, Heart Attack Man, and Oxymorrons. I had seen them live in 2018 so I knew it would be a good show, but this exceeded my expectations. Their energy was off the charts, and I was pleasantly surprised by their elaborate set set up like a house with hidden Neck Deep references throughout.

Heart Attack Man is an energetic punk band from Cleveland, OH made up of Peric Peegan, Logan McNeal, Ty Sickels, Adam Paduch, and Collin Layne. While definitely not out of place on a bill with Neck Deep, they definitely have a little more of an “edge” to them. They burst onto the stage that night with such a fury! They made it clear that they were there to party and weren’t leaving without one. Their setlist included: Sugar Coated, Low Hanging Fruit, Out for Blood, Old Enough 2 Die, Leap Year, Pitch Black, Cut My Losses, and Fake Blood.

Below are some of my photos from this amazing night:

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