Memphis May Fire Kick Off Remade in Misery Tour in Charlotte NC

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Remade In Misery Tour Kicks off in Charlotte NC
Photos & Article by: Darren Lingerfelt

Remade in Misery Tour presented by Sirius XM’s Octane kicked off with Ohio’s very own, Wolves At The Gate for the first day of the tour in Charlotte, NC . They started the show with their first track off of their latest release “Shadows” . The energy started off at a high with track’s from “Eulogies” which dropped this past March. Vocalist , Nick, came down into the crowd for some help with vocals for the track “Lights & Fire”.

  • Shadows
  • Peace That Starts The War
  • Lights & Fire
  • Counterfeit
  • A Voice in the Violence
  • Dead Man
  • Weight of Glory

Wolves at The Gate Photo Gallery

Rain City Drive (Formerly Slaves) , came out next to flaunt all of their catchy sing alongs with the crowd such as “ Heavier”, “Talk To A Friend” , and “Cutting It Close” which is featured on their new self titled album releasing on July 15th of this year. Vocalist Matt McAndrew who was the runner up winner on season 7 of NBC’s “The Voice”, is no stranger to putting on a killer performance. Check out their performance of Prayer below.

Rain City Drive Gallery

Following Rain City Drive was Lancaster, Pennsylvania’s From Ashes To New. This Nu Metal powerhouse has also been very active on Sirius XM’s Octane and we can see why ! Vocalists, Danny & Matt go back and forth mending and bending different genres. Between Matt’s occasional rap verses and Danny’s clean/screamed vocals , they really keep the crowd off their feet . “FATN” played 11 fan favorites including two live debut songs “Heartache” and “Broken by Design”. They concluded their set with their most successful song “Through It All” with over 45 million plays on Spotify.

From Ashes To New Photo Gallery

From Ashes To New: Crazy LIVE

For the headliner, we have American Metalcore band Memphis May Fire. As the lights pulsed for the long awaited arrival of this 4 piece band from Texas, the crowd went wild with the opening song “Blood & Water” which can be heard on their seventh album “Remade In Misery” (Released on 6/3/22) . Memphis May Fire sounded more refined than ever with their set including songs from old and new which we got to see “Left For Dead” and “Your Turn” performed for the first time Live, ever in Charlotte, NC. After a brief technical difficulty from all the stage action (Song Cut) , Matty Mullins reset the pace with “Somebody” and “Make Believe” . Some heavier songs from their third album Challenger were not missed such as “Prove Me Right” and “Vices” which we were able to get guest vocals from Danny (From Ashes To New) on the final breakdown. Memphis May Fire closed the show with not one , but two encores, which ended with “The Sinner. Check out their Live Debut of Your Turn below.

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