Killthrax Tour destroys St. Pete

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Killthrax Tour
Tuesday, January 30th, 2018
Jannus Live St. Pete Florida
By: Trevor Williams

The Killthrax Tour brought out quite the array of different people out on this unusually chilly Florida evening. Ages ranging from around 7 to almost 70 and everywhere in between. I love seeing parents bring their children to these kinds of a show to rock out with them. Nothing better than growing the fan base and raising the next generation of metalheads to enjoy live shows.
Havok opened the show, but I, unfortunately, missed most of the set due to someone else’s car accident that held me up longer than anticipated. From what I heard walking in, they were extremely fast and energetic as hell.
Anthrax was my most anticipated band of the evening because it was my first time seeing them live after being a fan for a decade or so. All the incredible things I heard about the live show were all true and it made for a memorable set from the thrash metal legends. The energy level these guys have was a sight to behold. Scott Ian was jumping around the stage like Super Mario, Jon Donias never seemed to stop whipping around his hair, Charlie Benante was beating his Paiste cymbals to death, Joey Belladonna belting out all the classics, and Frank Bello was interacting the crowd during every song played.

Anthrax Set-list St. Pete FL 

Among the Living
Caught in a Mosh
Got the Time
Fight ‘Em ‘Til You Can’t
Breathing Lightning
Intro to Reality
Belly of the Beast
Be All, End All

Killthrax Tour Photo Gallery

Killswitch Engage is one of my 4 favorite bands and I never miss an opportunity to see them live. First thing I noticed was how spot-on Jesse Leach sounded. His voice was impeccable and hit every note flawlessly. If you have never had the pleasure of seeing KSE live, you might be unaware that you are also attending a comedy show as well. Guitarist Adam Dutkiewicz likes to banter back and forth with the crowd in between songs, which always lead to some side-splitting laughs for everyone in attendance.
The unique thing about this tour that differs from most others I have seen, is the fact that the setlist has never been the same for any date so far on this run of shows. Most bands these days will get together a group of songs and maybe substitute one or 2 in the beginning of a tour to see what fits better, then keep it set in stone for the rest of the shows. As a longtime fan, this is a welcome change because I have heard a very similar set the last few times they have played my area. I was truly surprised to hear so many older songs from Alive or Just Breathing and The End of Heartache. Hearing Vida Infra caught me off guard and had me headbanging and singing louder than almost anyone in the venue. The highlight of the night for most was the surprise of having Joey from Anthrax come out to sing Holy Diver with Jesse and the rest of KSE.

Killswitch Engage Set-List St. Pete FL

Rose of Sharyn
Strength of the Mind
Self Revolution
My Curse
A Bid Farewell
The New Awakening
Breathe Life
Fixation on the Darkness
Hate by Design Take This Oath
Vida Infra
My Last Serenade
Embrace the Journey…Upraised
Beyond the Flames
The End of Heartache
In Due Time
Holy Diver

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