Issues Drops New Dance Anthem “Flexin”

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It’s another Friday and you know what that means…new music!

At midnight Issues dropped a brand new single “Flexin” with an accompanying visual. This is the third single they have released from their upcoming studio album “Beautiful Oblivion,” set to release on Oct 4.

With the first two singles (“Tappin Out” and “Drink About It”) sounding completely different than the other, I thought that if we were to get another single before the album release, it would sound like one of the aforementioned songs….but, no.

“Flexin” starts off as a cinematic construct. Tyler Carter is dressed as an old man who just wants to party and flex on his caretaker at his nursing home. Then, the music comes in.

It’s safe to say that this track sounds like a 2019 version of music that Prince would make. Dancy, funky, 80s, disco, all of those vibes. I wait for the “breakdown,” it never comes. The entire track is a full-fledged 80’s track with some minimal guitars in the background. I wouldn’t even call it a “rock” song by any means. The braggadocious lyrics would have you to believe its a rap song, and the instruments and cadence would have you thinking its the reincarnation of Prince.

This intriguing third single leaves me to wonder what else the rest of the album could sound like. This is definitely the most experimental Issues has ever gotten, musically, and I’m sure if I can cosign it yet, but I’m definetly here for it and will absolutely hear out the full record on Oct 4.

What are you expecting from this album? Has Tyler Carter lost it, or is it genius? Should Issues never severed ties with Michael Bohn?

Tell us what you think in the comments below, and check out “Flexin” by Issues here: “FLEXIN” – Issues

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