Counterfeit. Drop Off 2 Major Spring Festivals

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Just 32 days out from one of Spring times biggest music festival, London bases Punk/Rock outfit Counterfeit. have announced VIA social media they would be dropping off both Epicenter Festival and Sonic Temple Festival. Read the band’s official statement belong.

To our dearest American fans.

This last year has been an insane and exciting time for all of us and we’ve been a little less available to you all than we would have liked. That being said, the new album is turning into something much bigger and more meaningful than we had ever imagined and the last thing we want to do is rush the finishing touches. So its with great disappointment that we will unable to perform at Sonic Temple in Columbus OH and Epicenter in Charlotte NC. We are putting everything we have into this album and we want it to be so special for us and you so forgive us. We can’t wait to share this record with you and to go on this new journey together. We love you.

Thank you for everything

See you soon.

Statement pulled from the Official Counterfeit. Facebook page

For the full line up for Epicenter Festival CLICK HERE and for the full line up for Sonic Temple Festival CLICK HERE We’ll keep you updated on all festival news as it becomes available.

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