5 Things You Missed If You Missed Earthday Birthday 26

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If you missed WJRR’s EarthDay Birthday 26 this past weekend in Orlando FL, you truly missed out. A stacked line up including Atreyu, Underoath, Godsmack and so many more. You couldn’t ask for a better day, perfect weather and thousands of fellow music lovers. But if for some reason you couldn’t make it, we’ve got you covered. Here’s 5 things YOU MISSED if you missed Earthday Birthday 26.

5: Body Paint EVERYWHERE

That’s right fellas if you missed EarthDay Birthday, you missed women everywhere covered in body paint. But don’t worry if you did missed it, a quick Instagram search of #EarthDayBirthday will give you an eye full. TRUST ME

4: 2 Bands with “Sons” in their name playing back to back

Both on the Bud light main stage, Glorious Sons and Rival Sons performed back to back. Now this might not be a big deal to fans of either band, however, for many who may only know the band’s current radio singles I can see how some might have gotten upset. Just think, you’re 4 beers in by 1:30 waiting to hear “Do your Worst” and The Glorious Sons don’t play it! Well, that’s because that’s a Rival Sons song.

3: Motionless In White Performing New Song

Huge thanks to YouTuber Sp00Ky_j033 for this front row video of Motionless performing their new single Disguise for the FIRST TIME. Check that video out below. In case you missed it, Motionless In White have also announced, they’ll be releasing a new album Disguise June 7th. CLICK HERE to hear their 2 new singles Brand New Numb and Disguise

2: Atreyu Bassist performs in the middle of a circle pit.

Atreyu bassist Porter McKnight decided he wanted a little intimate time with fans in Orlando, and joins them in the Pit during Ex’s And Oh’s. Check out the video below provided by YouTuber From The Pit of Porter performing in the middle of a circle pit with the fans.

1: Godsmack Performing Highway To Hell

Godsmack closed out Earthday Birthday and what better way to wrap up a huge party, than playing AC/DC’s Highway To Hell. Check the video below provided by Robin Dyer of the performance and listen to the thousands of fans sing with vocalist Sully Erna.

So if you missed WJRR’s EarthDay Birthday you missed Orlando’s LOUDEST Spring Party. Don’t worry though we have full galleries coming for all the artist, and much more. Till then share your favorite Earthday Birthday moments in the comments below.

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