YUNGER release music video for Keep Me Human

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YUNGER is a band that we’ve been hearing a bit about, yet just got around to writing up something about these insanely talented musicians.While their sound is essentially post-hardcore, it almost has an emo-like quality to some of the music. Although they are still on the local level. you’ll definitely be seeing more of these guys around as they get ready to release their debut EP “Keep Sake” this summer.

As stated before, they band displays a primarily post-hardcore element in most of their music. Guitar tones are killer on this, especially the lead which adds some tasteful licks that you don’t often hear. There is a section in in between the first two chorus’ which exposes the bass guitar a bit, yet nothing resonated with me from that. I wish they would’ve had a bit more groove on that, or made the tone somewhat beefier. While that is my personal preference, it doesn’t diminish on the song in anyway.

In the area of guitar, towards the end of the song, 3:32 to be exact. we get some unbelievable shredding from one of the guitars. There are other instances which are similar to this one, yet this appears to be in a league of its own. I wish they would’ve introduced it earlier in the song somehow and come back to it, yet I do admire it for what it is, regardless. Besides that, I loved all of the different guitar sections throughout the song. Everything had a purpose and didn’t seem like mindless shredding.

While I do love the emotion released by the singer, there are a couple sections which come off as “whiney.” This appears to be a tendency throughout the genre, yet for YUNGER it doesn’t diminish from how great the rest of the song is. A majority of the parts don’t give off this vibe, it appears to mainly be in a few of the first verses. My favorite section from the vocals is around the bridge when we have both screaming and singing taking place at the same time to create a tension.

In regards to the video, I love that they went with that nostalgic. VHS-style lyric video. Too many bands do the cliché animated lyric video, which while not bad, becomes monotonous when seen multiple times. Make sure you follow the band on all of their different social media platforms to keep up to date on releases and shows(they’re currently playing in California, yet I wouldn’t be surprised if they toured in the near future)

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