WVRM: The Biggest Band You Never Heard Of

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Wvrm, pronounced “worm”, is a band many in the south may know well but elsewhere can be hit or miss. They aren’t the band that puts out a single then blows up and headlines warped tour overnight. However, their following is impressive. Lambgoat has written on them and they have toured successfully nationwide. In December they put out “Heartache” to critical acclaim as one of the hottest upcoming grind-core bands in the scene. They aren’t shy either. Their violent shows masks the deep and emotive lyrics put out that turns into the violent, dark presence that haunts the the stage during their shows. The fast paced tapping on the top of the cymbals sounds as if a train is coming to take you away. Seeing this band and experiencing them live is a must so if Wvrm comes near you, dont miss out. People know them, just make sure you do too.

Music: https://www.wvrmgrind.bandcamp.com



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