Winter Jam 2014: Greenville SC

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              There is one tour that I look forward to every year and that is the Winter Jam Tour Spectacular. The Jam Tour is an annual Christian concert that does a few things. 1: It’s always affordable to all families. The concert is $10 at the door, no ticket is required. You come you bring your $10 and you walk in. (If they have seats left.) 2: The tour brings up and coming acts out on the tour. 3: They always have at least 2 extremely well known headliners. So for $10 you get 7 different bands and a guest speaker. Who could say no to that! In the past the Jam Tour has hosted such well know acts as Skillet and TobyMac and this year was no different. This year’s tour hosted Colton Dixon, Newsong, Plumb, Thousand Foot Krutch, Tenth Avenue North, Lecrae and Newsboys. The first name that may jump out at you is Tennassee native Colton Dixon. Colton was an American Idol contestant making it all the way to the Top 7. Colton puts on one heck of a show, he’s got so much energy and an even better voice! I was really impressed with him and the show he put on and the pure talent this kid has; he sings, play piano, and as much running around and head banging on his piano he did, he must drink rocket fuel before a show. Following Colton Dixon was Jam tour veteran Newsong. I’ve seen these guys probably close to a dozen times, and up till about 4 years ago their set was the same every show, I’m talking every show the same songs in the same order, and I’m pretty sure they were wearing the same cloths.  But since some member changes the band seems to be moving forward and making changes. If I could sum up Newsong in one word, it would be sincere. In Christian music it’s real easy sometimes to tell if an artist is truely sincere or if they’re doing it for money, fan or whatever and Newsong no matter how many times I’ve seen them always seem to be in sincere worship. Despite making changes in their set Newsong has made sure to keep one thing the same, and make sure they play crowd favorite “Arise”. I honestly think because that song is so popular in Christian music, fans would riot if Newsong did not play that song. Following Newsong was a female artist that goes bay the name Plumb. I came across Plumb a few years ago when I was given her album from a a youth pastor friend and I have to say her sound has changed alittle over time, but she’s still an excelant performer. Plumb faced some techinical difficulties entering the stage, and needed a mic change, however this didn’t stop her, she soon changed out mics and got right back at it with out missing a beat. Following Plumb is another band that has found sucess in bothing the christian and secular scene and that is Thousand Foot Krutch. TFK played short 4 song set including hits, “Let the speaks fly” and “Light up the sky”. I have yet to see Thousand Foot Krutch on a non supporting act show, so everytime it’s always short sets, so I hope to one day to catch them on a headlining show where I can see them play a full. One performer I was really excited to see was Lecrae and I have to say one of the highlights of my night was most of the arena booing Conner Shaw as he came out to introduce Lacrae. So Carolina fans I had to put that in here.
The Winter Jam Tour Spectacular is by far the best concert value in Christian music. Our advice is if you’re into comptempary christian music make it to a Jam Tour concert. This tour covers the entire U.S and sells out every night,  so get their early or join the Jam Nation and you’ll be sure to have a ticket and early entry.

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