And the winners are! 2016 SEPR Awards

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Southeast Pit Report Awards 2016

We have the Grammy’s, MTV Awards and as of late the AP Skully awards. However, there are tons of underground/up and comers acts who deserved to be recognized as well. These bands are bands who will win some of those bigger awards one day, while some of the smaller bands are showing they can hang with the boys. So we at Southeast Pit Report, decided to put together the first annual SEPR Awards, where you the fans make your voices heard, and you pick the best of the best. So here is the results for the first ever SEPR Awards.

Underground Vocalist of the year deathcore/hardcore/beatdown

Dustin Mitchell- Filth
Darius Tehrani-Spite (stay sick)
Orion Stephens-In Dying Arms (tragic hero)
Tyler Shelton-Traitors
Aiden Versteegh-Falsifier (artery)
WINNER: Orion Stephens (In Dying Arms)

Clean vocalist of the year metalcore/post hardcore/pop punk
Ayisa Adderly-Eyes Eats Suns
Michael Martenson-Boys of Fall
Avery Taylor -Forget Tomorrow
Lee Jennings-The Funeral Portrait
Matt Garrett- Vices & Vessels
WINNER: Matt Garrett (Vices & Vessels)

Unclean Vocalist metalcore/post hardcore
Zachary Scott-It Lies Within (luxor)
Eli Fry-Curses
Johnny Mcbee-The Browning
Janel Monique- Conquer Divide (artery)
Mikey Clement-Valleys
WINNER: Eli Fry (Curses)

New Blood Rock/Active rock vocalist of the year
Adam Nelson-Something Clever
Paolina Massaro- The Reason You Stayed
Garrett Foster- Messenger Down
Eric Boatright-Shallow Side
JD Eubanks- Failure Anthem (razor & tie)
WINNER: Garrett Foster (Messenger Down)


New Blood Guitarist of the year
Aaron Kisling- To Speak Of Wolves (cardigen)
Nick Sellers- Jynzo
Jason Mays-Nativ Suns
RJ Riggle-Valleys
David Gantt- Filth
WINNER: Jason Mays (Native Suns)

New Blood Drummer of the year

Jose Mejia-Images
Arun Bose-Ghosts Again
Phil Chamberlain- To Speak Of Wolves (cardigan)
Matthew Faris- Eyes Eat Suns
Kameron Mead- It Lies Within (luxor)

WINNER: Arun Bose (Ghosts Again)

Album of the year deathcore/ hardcore/ beatdown
Tales From The Gutter- Filth
Laugh Tracks- Knocked Loose (purenoise)
Original Sin-In Dying Arms (tragic hero)
Unholy- Immoralist
Mental State- Traitors
WINNER: Laugh Tracks by Knocked Loose (purenoise)

Album of the year metalcore/ post hardcore/ pop punk/rock
Wasted Time-Forget Tomorrow
Paramount-It Lies Within (luxor)
Thank You & Goodbye-Boys of Fall
The Closest Thing To Closure-Ghosts Again
Alive-Eyes Eat Suns
Experiment One: Asylum-Valleys
WINNER: Experiment One: Asylum-Valleys

Band of the year

It Lies Within (luxor)
Eyes Eat Suns
Boys Of Fall
The Funeral Portrait (revival)
WINNER: Eyes Eat Suns

Producer of the year
Kevin Newland
Nick Scott
Jesse Kirkbride
Corey Brunneman
Erik Ron

WINNER: Kevin Newland


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