What We Do In Secret Release Emotional Song ‘Blackout’

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Memphis, TN outfit What We Do In Secret, they definitely take longest band name in awhile, have released a very emotional song called ‘Blackout’. Addiction has become a forefront recently with many people sharing stories of struggles with family or even themselves online. Support groups and friends across social media platforms offer help and encouragement for those who want to get clean.

The music scene has seen this firsthand with Jonny Craig’s high profile recovery along with former Escape The Fate member Max Green. What We Do In Secret’s song however hits home personally for guitarist Clay Crenshaw who gave us the story on the band’s newest single. Crenshaw mentioned to us while writing it out he got choked up again, just showing how deep this affects those it hits.

What We Do In Secret (Clay Crenshaw):

“Blackout” was born when a friend of mine relapsed, overdosed on heroin, and died, leaving his fiancée and three-year-old daughter behind. After the tragedy, I thought I saw him in public, as if nothing had ever happened, and my heart skipped a beat in elation. Half a second later, reality set back in, and the crippling despair that he’s just not here grabbed me and inspired the writing. I imagined him watching his little girl as she grows up without being able to interact with her, constantly remorseful that he left her by accident.

“Blackout” is a song that has set the tone for what we are trying to say with our next record. We want to honor struggle but offer the hope we have found through struggles. Loss of loved ones, depression, sickness, etc. tend to cause us to retreat into ourselves. However, in these times is when we need those who love and care for us the most. It is those relationships that help us find meaning even in the madness of terrible circumstances. That meaning is the tone we are trying to create and I feel this song represents that in a unique and different way.

What We Do In Secret push the limits musically here as well, as everything amazing about the hot bands such as Beartooth and Wage War, blends together to form an aggressive sound that forces you to feel the emotion. The music moves throughout the song in a way to pushes this darkness while shining a light, and bringing you back throughout the process. A journey for the listener if you will.

You can listen to the song below via soundcloud, the band has a new video set to release soon via another publication.


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