WATCH: Ronnie Radke Meltdown Over Sound Engineer, Smashes Guitar

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Carolina Rebellion was everything you think it’d be just by the knowledge of a 3-day festival with some of the biggest names in rock. Fans of all sorts flocked to the Charlotte Motor Speedway grounds in Concord, NC to see their favorite bands such as Def Leppard, Avenged Sevenfold, Korn, Of Mice & Men, I Prevail and it goes on. Mr. Ronnie Radke and Falling In Reverse,
one band in particular who played Sunday, tends to carry their weight of notoriety everywhere they go and this day was no exception. Ronnie Radke and Co had a couple of things happen in such a short time period.

Sign And Ditch

They closed out the festival on the Gold side stage which for a festival like this, playing a side stage last means you’re actually really well known, unlike Warped Tour where most side stages have up and coming acts. For example, Sum 41 closed out a side stage on Saturday. Before we get to this moment, the band had a prior incident hours before at a signing which left many fans hurt and angry. The line was long and fans who had purchased a record from the FYE tent could get a wristband to get it signed, which they up and left with 15 to 20mins remaining. It late became clear when Papa Roach was playing at the same time, they had left to go there due to a Falling In Reverse shoutout coming from the band along with Ronnie Radke uploading a video to his story on Instagram.

Still Throwing Mic Stands

These fans of course then went to see them play and it was a packed out set, but one thing stole the show. The sound engineer. From the start issues had occurred with guitars being too low then blaring loud, vocals being too quiet, and just awful mixing happening. Radke eventually had enough in which he then smashed his guitar multiple times on stage and threw his mic stand (not at anyone) onto the ground before running over and chewing out the sound engineer. You then hear the fans chanting his name over and over. After this happened, it seemed to be ok from then on. We have footage of the last smash or two until the end for you to see below!



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